Securities lending

You have the right to lend out anything you own, including the securities in your portfolio

An overview

In theory, anyone who owns a security can lend it. In practice, only institutional investors have had the ability to do so. Until now.

Typically, lenders are looking for a way to increase returns on their portfolios, while borrowers (usually banks and hedge funds) are looking to facilitate market-making and other trading activities such as hedging and short selling.

When you lend out a security, you do it over a period of time, on a collateralised basis, in exchange for a fee. You retain all ownership benefits for the duration of the loan except the right to vote, but you can terminate the loan and recall the security at any time.

Securities Lending is a

$2 Trillion


In 2016 alone lenders earned more than

$9 Billion

in Securities Lending revenues.

Securities Lending Sharegain

A pure alpha opportunity

Generate new streams of revenue from assets you already own.

Retain all the economic rights on these assets – bar the right to vote.

Terminate the loan and recall the security at any time.

Benefit from your loans being over-collateralised at an average of 105% of the loan value, which minimises risk to your capital.

Solving a 40 year old problem

For more than 40 years, private investors have had the right to lend out their securities, but not the ability

Sharegain solves this problem

How? By applying modern technological standards of ease, transparency and automation

Sharegain - Unlock the hidden value of your portfolio

With securities lending, as with other investment activities, your capital may be at risk.

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