Sharegain has launched BetterLend, a new product allowing their clients to deliver Social and Environmental change through their securities lending activity.

“For the first time, a securities lending agent is taking a stand, not just by supporting principles of sustainable finance, but ensuring securities lending revenue is doing good in our world,” said Boaz Yaari, Founder and CEO of Sharegain.

“Until now, securities lending has dealt with Governance – the ‘G’ of ESG. So while securities lending might be ESG-compliant, it’s not truly compatible.

“Many investors want to achieve more from their securities lending. They want to deliver on the ‘E’ and the ‘S’ of ESG. With BetterLend, now they can.”

Through BetterLend, Sharegain clients are using their lending activity to create positive change across four focus areas: clean water, the environment, renewable energy and education.

Sharegain clients choose the projects they want to support and the impact they want to create, then BetterLend does the rest.

“For the first time, investors are using their lending revenue to make a positive impact in the world.” said Boaz.  “Our clients are planting trees, digging wells and installing solar panels, all by lending their securities.”

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