GVC Gaesco is working with Sharegain to offer greater returns to investors. With this collaboration, GVC Gaesco is delivering a new revenue stream on their Luxembourg-based funds through securities lending.

Jaume Puig, CEO and CIO of GVC Gaesco Gestión, said: “We’ve always known that if we want to deliver value, we have to do things differently. So we’re constantly looking for solutions that give a better result for our investors, without compromising on control or transparency.”

“Working with Sharegain fully aligns with that vision, a fintech solution that delivers true, quantifiable value for our clients and investors.”

“Looking forward, we hope to unlock this revenue stream for investors in our Spanish funds as well.”

Securities lending is a common practice among European asset managers. Spain is currently the only major European economy that restricts securities lending on funds domiciled in its territory.

Boaz Yaari, CEO of Sharegain, added: “We’ve seen a shift among European asset managers. They’re looking for a new approach to securities lending; one that puts them in the driver’s seat.”

“We are proud to collaborate with GVC Gaesco and deliver greater value to their investors. Jaume and the team have all the qualities we value: cutting-edge leadership, a client-centric mindset and an openness to the benefits that a financial technology solution can bring.”

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About GVC Gaesco

GVC Gaesco is an independent financial group with almost 60 years of experience specialising in Asset Management (Investment Funds, SICAV’s, SCR’s, Pension Funds, Portfolio Management and Counselling), Securities Intermediation, Corporate Finance and Analysis, and Capital Market.

GCV Gaesco is a member of the Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia Stock Exchanges. MEFF and AIAF custodian and clearing member. MARF and BME Growth Member and Registered Advisor. Member and Founding Partner of ESN (European Securities Network, a European network of equity research companies). Member of GAP (Global Alliance Partners, an international network of financial services companies). Owns 50% of CERES Global Advisory, a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) in Miami (USA). For further information, visit www.gvcgaesco.es

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